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SENIOR THESIS PART 1- Maroon the Double Agent

ARCHIMERA- A.R. Christensen Illustration and Concept: SENIOR THESIS PART 1- Maroon the Double Agent

Thursday, January 26, 2012

SENIOR THESIS PART 1- Maroon the Double Agent

Maroon was a big challenge for me.  As a female gamer, I'm constantly getting annoyed with over-exposed, over sexed female characters.  I wanted Maroon to be attractive and formidable, without resorting to cliche big boobs with a big gun type of thing.  She is a cop (possibly a double-crossing one if players chose to take that route) who has a sharp shot, a sharp mind, and a sharp tongue.  Despite her talents, she is a newbie, unaccustomed to intense situations, and has a tendency to loose all rationality and start shooting fire balls everywhere.

Her costume was tricky.  Initially, I was making it TOO badass.  Too many spikes and bells and whistles for a gal who was new to the force.  I decided to go with a uniform instead of a trench coat, with some pinstripes and a tie to reference crime noir.

I wanted her outfit to be form fitting, but also believable as a cop outfit in a fantasy world.  I also liked the idea of a goofy geometric cop hat to cover her horns (remember what I said about ties to a demon-mafia...?)

Her good form is achieved if she takes down the mafia and gets promoted to the elite Valkyrie special forces squad.  Her dark form is unlocked if the player choses to give into her fiery side by betraying the police force and siding with the mafia.  


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