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SENIOR THESIS PART 1- Trevor the Magic Junkie.

ARCHIMERA- A.R. Christensen Illustration and Concept: SENIOR THESIS PART 1- Trevor the Magic Junkie.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

SENIOR THESIS PART 1- Trevor the Magic Junkie.

Oh, Trevor.  This was my favorite character of the bunch to design.  I'd been imagining a green Iggy Pop, when I first thought of the character, long, spindly, and able to bend his torso in bizarre ways.  A musical theme also seemed appropriate.  Like all of the characters in the party, I wanted him to be lovable and flawed, but still someone who could actually fight.  Designing a troll presented infinite opportunities to squash and stretch his anatomy around, and I had maybe too much fun designing various misshapen noses and ears.

I got a bit carried away with thinking about possible Troll anatomy, even going so far as to try and figure out how his toes would move and splay.  I also drew his broken and mashed up nose to figure out how the forms would actually work in light.  Not necessary to the project but at least I had fun!

As for the moral paths that Trevor can take, both hinge on his tragic addiction to dark magic.  In the world, the Trolls who live on the outskirts of the city have developed a love of Black Matter, a toxic by product of the city's industrialized magic.  While leathal to humans, it amplifies the Troll's natural magic in mysterious and sometimes dangerous ways.  A player can chose to get Treavor some rehab and cleanse him of the dark magic and become a sniper.  Or if they'd like they can take him down the dark road of addiction, where his magic will become extremely powerful, but at a price...


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